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Deep Dribble 1.2, has crunched the numbers and the answer is Gonzaga. Same answer as last year. Deep Dribble now has a favorite team!

I like this pick quite a bit, and I’m also glad to see the predictions followed my rankings to a ‘T’. The bracket was made by predicting every team against every other team both as home AND away, and taking the difference between the two. Some games were very close.. I was a little worried I might see some inconsistency between rankings and the actual game predictions, since the ratings are essentially a total of all wins / losses and a ranking of those totals. Thankfully that was not the case.

The following games should definitely be interesting ones to watch. I would personally choose some of these upsets (Loyola Chicago for example), not only because my wife is an alumnus, I actually do think they’ll pull it off over Miami (FL). However, this is the Double Dribble bracket, not the Brandon bracket so I have to follow the numbers. That being said, the games I think are worth paying extra attention to….

  • Kentucky (5) vs Davidson (12)
  • Miami (6) vs Loyola Chicago (11)
  • Mizzou (5) vs Florida St (12)
  • Virginia Tech (8) vs Alabama (9)

And that brings me to Syracuse…

  • Syracuse (F4) vs Arizona St (F4)
  • Syracuse (11) - TCU (6)
  • Syracuse (11) - MSU (3)

Deep Dribble’s favorite color is Orange apparently. The model has Syracuse coming out of left field from the First 4 and making it all the way to the Sweet 16. Now I had the chance to wait this out and see what would happen post-First 4, but I’m following the numbers here (plus the Syracuse / Arizona St game is just way too late for me to wait it out).

So, there we are for the 2018 bracket.. Gonzaga. Again.

And a final prayer to the bracket gods.. Please don’t embarrass me too badly with Syracuse.

Pretty please.

Sugar on top.


Prediction Algorithm Final Four - Villanova, Cincinnati, Gonzaga, Duke
Champion - Gonzaga